Mr Stephen Brennan

M B  C H B  M R C S  F R C S

Consultant General Surgeon

Special interests in Upper GI and Laparoscopic surgery, hernias, and cholecystectomies

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We offer an extensive range of treatments for conditions such as Gallstones, Reflux, Achalasia, Hernias, Colorectal Disease and other Lumps & Bumps.

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We offer a range of treatments for a number of conditions. 

We are experts in our field and with our team of professionals, we can offer a range of treatments for a number of conditions. We will ensure that you are our number one priority. 

Gallstones & Gallbladder

From scanning for Gallstones to Gallbladder removal, we can treat all conditions.

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Although there is no cure, we offer treatments to relieve the symptoms and make swallowing easier.

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Benign Colorectal Disease

From helping with haemorrhoids to 
the Rafaelo procedure, we here to offer expert advice and treatments

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The Rafaelo Procedure

A minimally-invasive, walk-in treatment for haemorrhoids with a short recovery time

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Anti-reflux surgery

Anti-reflux Surgery to treat the condition Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease (GORD). 

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Abdominal Hernias

Hernia repair is one of the most common operations performed in the UK.

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Lumps & Bumps

Ingrowing toenail and Lipomas removals are some of the procedures we offer.

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LINX procedure

LINX® is a type of keyhole surgery that creates a barrier to the reflux of acid or bile.

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Expert Advice

As a general surgeon with an interest in stomach and abdominal wall operations I help patients with a wide range of conditions: from simple lumps and bumps to gallbladder removal and stomach operations. The value of meeting a specialist is that you can discuss all the options and make a plan together.

News, Articles and updates

Have you had a belly full? 

You don’t have to put up with fatty lumps – Mr Brennan offers his expert knowledge to this article about fatty lumps, gallbladder removal and relatively short recovery times – click the image to read the full article.


“not just nice, but brilliant!”

“After 4 years of various doctors talking to me about having hypermobility or a stomach ulcer or anxiety-caused spasms, not only did you actually fix me (I repeat, a hero”!) but you were so lovely and explained things to me like you actually cared.”

Mrs. Anon, 22 Yrs, Gallbladder Removal


Here are some of the most common questions we are asked. 

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When can I return to work and the gym after surgery?

Normally after hernia or gallbladder surgery patients will need ONE week off driving a car. Generally most patients can get back to work about the same time . Contact sports, heavy lifting and going to the gym will need about a 4 week break.

Do you treat NHS patients in the private hospitals?

Yes we do. All NHS patients are entitled by law to be treated in a hospital of their choice. Under the NHS choose and book scheme an NHS public patient can have access to treatment free of charge at our private hospitals . They are restricted to the 18 week government targets but they will be seen much quicker than any other NHS hospital in the area. This service is only available by contacting your GP as they are required to initiate the referral to me.

Are there any risks with COVID?

Mr Brennan has been fully vaccinated including booster against COVID so the risk is minimal. Mr Brennan is practically immune as he contracted COVID himself at the start of the pandemic while performing lifesaving emergency surgery for the NHS. He has fully recovered. All our Private hospitals are COVID free and all patients are screened prior to admission.

Are there any complications?

In my hands very rarely but I do get them occasionally.
Generally bleeding , wound infection and nerve damage can occur but this is less than 1% of cases.

How much will it cost?

Mr Brennan sees private patients from all the major insurers eg BUPA , AXA , Aviva, Vitaility, Health online , Cigna. Patients can also self refer and pay for treatment themselves . With these methods there is NO waiting list and these patients can be seen within 48 hours or less and operated on usually within 2 weeks.

BMI hospitals have self pay packages available with no hidden charges. A hospital credit card facility is also available where patients can pay for their treatment and then repay in instalments.